What Are the Best Reasons to Give Someone a Card?

Card giving is an age-old tradition that is still very much in use. It is a simple gesture that shows appreciation, thanking, wishing and even congratulations to someone. Cards used to be simply handwritten and normally carry a sentimental message to the receiver. There are a number of reasons to give someone a card, it maybe for an occasion or it may be just because.

There is no limit or reason for it but still holds value and shows that it is indeed the thought that matters. However, the reasons to give cards are endless, there are many reasons or occasions that only a card would suffice and other times just a card may not be enough. In order to clear the confusion here are a few good reasons a card will not only make the receiver smile but it is ideal situation to.

Birthday cards

Yes! This is probably the most obvious but it is equally as important. Regardless of who the person, how old they are or your relationship with them you cannot go wrong with a birthday card. It is the simplest ways of showing someone you love them or simply remember them on the day their born. A birthday card can be a handwritten note, a handmade card, store bought or even luxury birthday cards. Either way it is the gesture that will always be remembered.

Congratulatory cards

Achieving a milestone is always something positive to celebrate, whether it is a new job, your education, starting a family or even a personal achievement. We feel a sense of appreciation when congratulated for our achievements and the simplest way to show it is through a card.

The power of a writing a card is understated, it does not get more personal than this and whether we realize it or not many of us are card hoarders. Very rarely would you find someone throwing away cards they’ve gotten over the years.

Seasons and holidays

One of the most celebrated holidays or seasons are Christmas, however in each country and culture there are a number of different holidays or special days that are celebrated worldwide. A holiday card is simply wishing someone season’s greetings. A seasonal card is not determined by the relationship you have with this person, it is usually a gesture yet something to show you care.

Thank You Cards

Ironically a thank you card is a return gesture for something, someone has done for you, whether it is your co-worker who covered for you when you took leave off work, a friend who was there for you during a rough time or even thanking people who gave you gifts for your wedding. Either way a thank you card is for the purpose of acknowledging the efforts someone has taken to make your life better.

The gesture of giving cards have not and will probably not any time soon, people require a way to show and receive appreciation and a card is the simplest way to do so.

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