Types of Decorative Indian Jewellery

The most exciting part of every bride’s wedding is to decide her outfit and the jewellery she is planning to wear with it. Bridal look is incomplete without traditional jewellery as it adds up to her beauty and aura in the most distinct yet beautiful manner possible. The bridal jewellery needs to be carefully selected as one needs to be careful in terms of how they are planning to style their outfit or the hairstyle they have in mind.

There are different types of decorative Indian jewellery options available for the bride and her family. They are listed below:

  1. Kaasu Malai

The most traditional decorative jewellery that exists in India is the Kassu malai jewellery. It is made up of gold coins and is joined with small manga strings. The necklace is mostly worn by the South Indian brides. In some cases, brides often pair it up with colorful stones to achieve a different look.

  • Antique Jewellery

Antique Indian jewellery pieces consists of designs that are passed on to the bride either by her mother or her grandmother. These pieces are heirloom pieces and hence have more value than getting a new one. They are mostly worn by every generation on their big day and hence they are passed onto every individual till the Indian jewellery exists. It is quite common in India as mothers save their wedding sets for their daughters or daughter in laws. Antique jewellery shines less than new jewellery but they have an old world charm linked to it.

  • Mango Mala

The most common embodiment of the traditions that are followed in India is a mango. Mango mala set is very common as it symbolizes fertility and prosperity. It is also worn mostly by south Indian brides. The mango mala set is made up in pure gold but different colored stones or gems are often used to make it look more appealing and attractive. Few designers often blend the mango mala set and peacocks together in one design to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

  • Meenakari Set

Meenakari Set is famously known for its distinct color combinations as it comes in different colors and hence can be worn with matching outfits. Meenakari jewels consists of gold and kundan stones that are blended in perfectly to create a different design or a pattern that stands out. It can be worn on both the sides, which is an added advantage as the same set can be used with multiple outfits.

  • Kundan Jewellery

The most expensive out of all is kundan jewellery as refined gold is used to create the set. Its quality is different than many other sets or decorative jewellery that is available in the market. It is suitable for brides who are willing to create a much more traditional yet modern look on their big day. It comes in various designs and brides have the option to modify it according to their preferences and overall requirements. Kundan jewellery is the hot selling decorative jewellery being sold worldwide.

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