Tips for Maintaining A Lawn

Having a well-maintained lawn adds a beautiful look to the property, it may be quite a hassle but it’s very important to take care of it. An untidy looking lawn takes the beauty off the place.

What Are the Ways to Keep the Lawn Tidy?

There are mainly eight major components when it comes to maintaining the lawn, watering, mowing, fertilizing, getting rid of pests and weeds, aerating and more.


The key thing is to water heavily when it’s needed, water it in such a way that the water soaks the soil at least 6- 8 inches so that the water can reach the roots in the ground that would encourage its growth. The amount of watering may differ with different types of soil but as the main rule you should water till you see the level of water at least 2.5inches off the ground. Watering deeply is much better than watering shallow and frequently because this enables the water to reach deeper into the ground.

When Do You Water the Lawn?

As soon as you notice grass drying water them, you would observe that the grass would turn from green to bluish grey and would lose some of its flexibility, that when you trample them they won’t spring back the best time to water your lawn is in the early morning or late evening as this would be a better time for absorption because much water won’t be evaporated.


Mowing is really important, so find more from This reduces the stress on the root system of the grass. The longer the grass is the more the requirement of nutrients and water. Mowing also helps in bringing about thicker and more beautiful lawn, as you cut down the grass, the grass has to grow more leaves to absorb sunlight.

Cut grass high leave at least 2.5- 3 inches off the ground. When cutting the grass don’t cut below 2 inches and don’t cut more than one third of the grass length at a time, if you have skipped mowing don’t cut the grass all at one to the desired length because that way you will be damaging the lawn.

First cut one third give it a few days and then cut another one third. Mow the lawn when it’s cool don’t go mowing the lawn when it’s hot because the grass is quite weak at that time and don’t mow the lawn when the lawn is wet because this would lead to the grass clippings accumulating at one area instead of it being dispersed.


Go for a mixed type of fertilizer that has both slow release and fast release if you can’t find a mixed fertilizer go for a slow release as this would avoid burning and damaging the lawn and use a nitrogen rich fertilizer as this is one of the most important nutrition for the plants

Remove Weeds, Thatch

Weeds can be in the form of flower or seed heads you can either handpick them or use a low toxic herbicide. Thatch consists of dead leaves and stems, this area can be identified easily as it would be soft and brown, there are many tools that can be used to remove thatch try to remove them using this.

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