The Types of Gear Boxes in Cars

With today’s ever-changing technology in the field of automobiles, the car has become quite something else when compared to what it was originally intended for. Today, the car does not only take you from point A to point B, but also acts as a temporary home at time.

It can also double up as your entertainment system. Regardless, there are many things that have change over the years. One of the most notable changes is the way the power of the engine is transferred to the tyres through the drivetrain. We can see that there are 4 prominent types of gear boxes to do the mentioned act.

Stick Shift

This is considered to be the traditional method of transferring the power of the engine to the wheels. The way this type of gear box works is very interesting. Cars with this system often have gear knobs attached in the middle so the driver can access several variations of speed. When the driver presses the clutch, he/she is allowed to select a gear depending on the engine revs. Once a gear is selected, a series of cogs would allow for drivetrain to access and transfer more of the engine power to the wheels.

Paddle Shift

This is one of the more common types of gear systems in place in today’s cars. The reason for this is the fact that they are cheaper to manufacture and are lighter as well. Thus, increasing performance and keeping cost at a minimum. How this works, is that the driver can select a gear in sequential order, which makes it possible for the engine transfer to be more efficient than that of a regular stick shift. Moreover, these types of cars are naturally automatic unless you choose the option of shifting gears yourself.


The Tiptronic gear box is like a hybrid between a paddle shift and a stick shift. The reason for this is due to the fact that this type of gear system does have a gear knob, however, unlike a regular stick shift, there is no clutch, which is why it shares a similarity to paddle shifters. Moreover, you can only choose the gears in a sequential order. Furthermore, you can select to drive in a fully automatic mode as well depending on your preferences. Some of these gears also have been installed in off-road vehicles as well to make things all the more convenient to the driver.

Double Clutch

This is a type of gear system that is quite common in sports cars. The reason for this is that it reduces the time taken for the clutch plate to select the gear. To make it more understandable, when a single clutch is only present, there is a lag between changing from one gear to the other. These milliseconds can prove detrimental and as a result, manufacturers have installed another clutch to make sure that when the driver goes to the next gear, it is done without the loss of power. These systems often come in paddle shift format.

There we have it, a simple explanation on the different types of gear boxes out there for cars.

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