Reasons why using horseshoes made out of plastic is beneficial

As a horse owner, one of the most important concerns that you will have is taking care of their hooves. Hoof care is an essential step to take in keeping up the comfort, the health and the performance of your house.

If your horse is involved in a lot of work, working barefoot will cause them discomfort and will likely cause damage to their hooves. Therefore, it is best that you choose the right horse shoes. In the present day, horse owners do not like using steel horse shoes due to their weight. Heavier horse shoes will make the horse feel uncomfortable and it will also lower their performance. If you are looking for the perfect alternative for a better and a much more comfortable horseshoe, plastic horseshoes are a great option. Here is why:

Why are metal horse shoes made for your horse?

When a horse wearing metal horse shoes are travelling on hard ground, there is a significant sound produced. This sound is nice to hear but it can have ill effects on the horse as they are high frequency vibrations that happen as the horse works.

Being exposed to such vibrations in the long term will damage the living tissue that will affect the blood circulation of the house. Thus, its health of the bones, connective tissues, nerves and muscles will be damaged. The best way to avoid such damages it to choose horse shoes that are made from the material that doesn’t cause vibrations when a horse is walking or running on hard floor.

Plastic is the better solution

If you want the horse to be free from the above mentioned risks to their health, using plastic horse shoes is the ideal solution. The reason is that plastic is a viscoelastic material, thus, their molecules are more flexible as opposed to the rigid structure of steel. Thus, any of the vibrations caused will be damped and not cause any issue to the cause. The vibrations caused when a horse wearing plastic horse shoes travel on the hard ground if of a lower frequency and also lesser amplitude.

Brings in improved movement

Horses that wear metal horse shoes will often showcase lowered performance in terms of their movement. This is because they are heavy and hard on their feet. On the contrast, when a horse is wearing lighter and much softer shoes, they will be able to move around easily and it will also help their performance.

Enhances hoof growth

If the horse is wearing steel horse shoes, it will have a major effect on the hoof growth of the horse so that you will have to give your house biotin for the hoofs to keep growing. However, when the horse is wearing plastic shoes, there is no need to do so because you can easily and they will grow out to be much thicker.

Your horse will be comfortable

As your horse spends the entire day on its feet, plastic shoes will bring about great comfort to your horse.