Beating the Summer Heat – Tips and Tricks

Summer is fast approaching and in some parts of the world, especially along the equator the summer heat may have already started to take hold. With this blaring heat, the problem seems to be made even worse when people are stuck at home and are unable to go out. So, if you are at home and want to escape the heat, is there no way or what tricks are there to get away from the grueling heat.

Getting Your Self an AC or Air Cooler

 One of the best and most effective ways to beat the heat is to get your self an Air Conditioning unit or an air cooler that will simply make the heat disappear. However, this is not the cheapest option and many people would be afraid of putting down such an investment given that they do not know if it will be worth the cost. The reality is that it is not something you have to worry about too much. Firstly if you get one of the more modern and smarter AC units and have Belgrave air conditioner installation services, install it properly, you can save quite a bit of money in the long run.

This is because the newer air conditioners are actually more eco friendly and more importantly friendly towards your power meter. You can also try to save up a bit more by getting solar panels installed at the same time. This way when it is sunny and hot, you actually use the sun to generate power and use the Air Conditioner to stay cool.

Having Your Home Walls Painted in Clay

Air Conditioners and Air Coolers are a modern way of beating the heat. However, hot summers were no new problem. This is why this traditional old trick of painting your walls with mud or clay can actually have a huge benefit. Now, naturally the benefits are not the same as having the main walls of your home is fully built using clay or mud, but there is a notable improvement in how the room handles the heat when they are plastered with clay or mud. This is because clay is very good at absorbing heat, and this is exactly what you need to beat the heat as summer temperatures start to climb. A nice thick layer will definitely go a long way in helping keep down the heat.

Dipping Basin for Your Hands or Feet

The next and final option is the most low tech of these. It simply involves, putting your hands or feet into a bowl of water, preferably a cold one. This is not a myth or some sort of fabled trick. This is actually based on some solid facts. The reason this works is because there are blood vessels in your fingertips. So, having them cool in the water as your blood is passing through means that your body gets a supply of cool blood and your body cools down from the inside.

There are three simple tricks that you can use to beat the heat and based on your budget you can pick the option that bests works for you.