Side Hustles for Extra Income

If you have listened to any of the richest people of the world, they all have one thing in common and that is multiple cash inflows. Meaning they earn from more than one source. Life has been a rollercoaster for the past few years, our lifestyles and out looks have changed vastly considering the pandemic.

The uncertainty of life has made people realize they cannot afford just a single source of income anymore. Growing cost of living and the need for a good life has made people think of multiple ways of earning a little extra money without too much effort.

The growing number of “side hustles” has meant that people have found new and creative ways to use their talents to earn an additional income. For some it has been considerably easy to convert their hobbies into full time money generators whereas some are still trying to get it off the ground. Others are looking into new tech such as crypto currency and NFTs. While people are still exploring the opportunities, they have are some cool side hustles that work.


Who said you need the best camera gear to be a photographer? With something as simple as the latest camera phones, photography is now accessible to anyone. The only thing that separates a good and great photographer is their eye to capture something differently. Now you can upload your pictures to a number of online sites and get paid for it.

It is super simple and is a creative way to share your eye with the world. One of the only things you may have to watch out for is where you upload your picture. If you do license it you will need to give consent to others who use and even charge a fee, however if you do upload to royalty free image sites where your photo can be used by anyone who downloads it.


Have you ever wanted to get something personally stitched without having to pay a huge amount to a corporate retailer? If only you knew someone who provided this service right. If you are blessed with the ability to sew you have a world at your fingertips. Create cool and edgy clothing and open your own store. Browse through online stores that provide patterns for tops, skirts or dresses and shop skirt patterns today! The costs are low and you can charge a much higher price for your finished product.


The world needs good writers and if you can contribute to it, you should. Earn money by being a freelance writer, journalist or even story teller. Upload your work to various sites and get paid to write. The rates might differ between companies so we suggest being aware of how much your work deserves so you are not exploited.

Earning a side income is easy for some and not so much for others. It largely depends on how much effort you are willing to put into your work.

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