Safety Standard for Hiring Scissor Lifts

Scissor lift is an integral piece of equipment used for construction projects because it is capable to lift persons and or materials to a required height. And since it is used to transport workers and tools to a greater distance aloft, it only moves vertically. The main purpose of the equipment is to be a carrier for workers to work on hard to reach spaces.

Scissor lift is also used on maintenance works especially on high rise buildings which is efficient for the workers to conserve their energy and efforts in lugging heavy equipment and machineries. Window cleaners also benefit from scissor lift and people conducting emergency services such as fire-fighting. Whatever your reason is for needing a scissor lift, there are safety standards that you need to adhere to.

Height and Load Specification

You could not just hire the first scissor lift that is available because there are height and load specifications. You need to double cross the lift’s specifications against what you require. Do not overload. Do not attempt to use anything to increase the lift’s height if it came short to what you need.

Before you try to find a scissor lift hire Brisbane, make sure that you have the data for the height you need it for. Also if you would be using it to carry people, tools, equipment and materials. Typically, a scissor lift could reach to 50 feet and could carry 10,000 pounds. Using it with a heavier load is dangerous.

Special Features

Some scissor lifts have special features that make them more efficient. These features include the capacity to rotate, tilt and even shift horizontally. Construction and maintenance workers would benefit the most with these features because it would give them the flexibility to choose the angle and direction of the platform as required.

If you have special requirements, there are suppliers and manufacturers who could make the lift according to your specifications, although it might be more expensive than the already available scissor lift. Of course if you would not be frequently using it, it is better to just rent it rather than buying one. And if the scissor lift you have rented does not have any special features, do not attempt to tilt, rotate or shift it horizontally.


Since scissors lift could reach up to 50 feet high, guardrails are important safety features to minimize the risk of the user falling down. If the scissor lift does not have any stable guardrails, do not use it. Avoid standing on the guardrails to boost your height, stay on the platform and if you need another scissor lift to transport your equipment, keep it near the lift you are using so you don’t need to lean too much. The stability of the scissor lift is also a safety standard that you need to ensure. Make sure that the lift is stable and no chance for it to tip over or collapse while in use. Plant it on a balanced surface. Avoid bumps and if possible manage foot traffic from pedestrians and passersby.

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