Role of Sensory Play in Child Development

Sensory play is a way for children to explore their world in finder detail. Parents can purchase toys that promote sensory play to boost the creativity and imagination of their child. These are toys that stimulate the senses of children. Therefore, they help children learn to use their senses better. Senses encompass sight, smell, touch, sound and taste. But there is a secondary layer that includes spatial awareness and movement. Each new experience that a child has will contribute to their understanding of the outside world.

Sensory kits are made according to the age of a child. You have to look at these age recommendations when you’re selecting such toys so you know what is suitable for your child. There are sensory toys that are formulated for babies that help them understand their environment and the different stimuli they encounter. There are toys that have different textured surfaces that they can touch and feel. This will let them identify different materials and see what sounds they make. Toddlers tend to explore their surroundings a bit more as they will be further developed in their motor skills and movement. They can try learning how to sort items, stack toys and balance toys to get an understanding of basic physics like how gravity works. Sensory toys come in useful in preschool as well. They can be used to teach language, numbers and understand different shapes, colours and textures. Children are constantly learning by exploring their environment. You can change the diversity and complexity of the toys when they progress in their development.

Children learn to explore and understand basic concepts through sensory toys. They are always curious about the outside world. Toys that help problem solving such as puzzles are a great way of helping them build up their ability to concentrate as well. Each new activity will build nerve connections inside the brain and allow them to develop further. You can get involved in the play time and let them dictate the rules of the play. If you don’t have access to a lot of sensor tools, you can find inspiration in household items. Let them play with water by giving them different containers, syringes and sponges. You can also let your child experiment with coloured water simply by putting some drops of safe food colouring. They can mix and match different coloured water and experiment.

You can use nature as a good way of broadening the sense of your children. If there is a nearby park or garden that you can visit, your child will be able to explore new environments and learn what to expect in each condition. When they explore different objects and textures in their hand, it is called tactile play. This can let them explore different vibrations, temperatures and pressure. There are also safe climbing apparatus that you can purchase or freely use in a public play area. These will help your child develop movement and balance. They will learn how to use their limbs and what limits they have through exploration.

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