Reasons to Visit an Optometrist Frequently

Visiting an optometrist is a good way of checking up on your eyesight and maintaining it for years to come. Regular visits will allow them to check up on eye conditions that you may develop. It is also very important to have your kids visit the optometrist to see if their eyesight and eye health is in good condition. Children may not always know what normal vision should be so this is a good way of catching any vision issues they have from the very beginning. If eye conditions go undetected, children will find it hard to concentrate in school.

Generally, you should visit the optometrist every 2 years. If you happen to have diabetes, it is better to have more frequent visits. You can visit The Eyewear House Carina to have a consultation with an optometrist and keep up your eye health. Eye conditions can become more and more problematic once you age. Also, currently, we are used to a digital work where we work on computers staring at a screen for long hours at a time. This is something that can affect your vision drastically. Also, things like what you eat and how much exercise you get also have an effect. Sun damage is not something that is restricted to your skin barrier. Your eyes can also get damaged by harmful UV rays. One way you can protect your eyes is by the use of sunglasses.

Impact of Age on Vision

You will most probably feel changes in your vision by the time you’re 40. This is the time when you find it a little hard to focus on objects as the lens in your eye tends to harden. This is something that happens normally to most people. In an instance such as this, you can simply visit an optometrist to check your eye condition and get prescription glasses. If you are someone who uses glasses already and you are over the age of 40, you will find that you will have to update the prescription glasses you have more regularly than before. When we get older, it is common for cataracts to occur.

Also, the risk of glaucoma increases with age so it is important to have regular checks to stay on top of your health. It’s not just your vision that changes when you get older, it is also the structure of your eye. There are many conditions that may arise such as reduction or loss of peripheral vision, dry eyes and the reduction of pupil size. If you are engaged in driving, it is better to have routine checks to ensure that your peripheral vision is sufficient.

Getting an Updated Prescription for Glasses

More often than not, when you start experiencing tiredness of the eyes, blurred vision or you find yourself squinting, it can be a sign that you need to update your prescription glasses. Eyes tend to change over time so it is always best to have an optometrist check up on your vision and make sure you’re wearing the right prescription.

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