Preparing The House for Spring


With spring around the corner, it is time to prepare your house. Long gone are the cold days, it is the time to rejoice the advent of the new season.

Let the air and light in

During winter most of us would have occupied the space near the heater or fire place dressed in long sleeves and warm clothes huddled in a blanket, curtains drawn over the windows. Now is the time to open the curtains and let the light seep in. open the windows too to let the air circulate.

Having a cleaned window would be amazing, so clean your windows as a part of getting ready for spring. It might be bit too much to do the cleaning on your own in that case you could hire a helper.

Tie the curtains on the side by pull backs and you can also replace the dark, heavy curtains with something light that would suit the season.

Change your house décor

Light colours bring out the beauty of spring, try to get décor for the house that are of light colours. Some things you can do are change your curtains to lighter colour. If you need new Cushion Covers Online Australia has many stores you can check out. Get new table cloth for dining table, a lighter coloured vase or pitchers, rugs or carpets that would be best suitable or different bright lights and etc.

Plant something

Spring is the best time to grow plants. You can start growing anything you like. If the weather outside is still cold for you to go out and plant something you can do it inside. Get a small houseplant or herbs and place it by the window.

Good fragrance

A nice smelling house would always lift one’s mood. Therefore, get some good fragrance, this can be in the form of flowers, or you can get an aromatic diffuser and put in different essential oils, or get a scented candle, wax melts or room sprays. To make your house smell of different scents, try replacing the older ones with something new and different. Some spring fragrances you can go for are lavender, lemon, honeysuckle, vanilla, lilac and etc.

Add floral elements

Spring is associated with flowers, so incorporate flowers in your décor. Get fresh flowers and put them in your vase. To make sure your flowers stay fresh you have to change the water in your vase and sprinkle some water at the petals. If you have any allergies, you can replace the fresh flowers with faux and also add floral elements in the form of table cloth, bedsheets and etc.

Clean up the house

It is a beautiful feeling to have a clean house. Do some deep cleaning, throw out things that you don’t need and if possible, try to bring some change in the setting of your house, for example change the arrangement of your couch, move the vase somewhere else or move your lamp to a different location.

These are few things you can do to your house in preparation of spring.

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