Planning to present birthday flowers? Read THIS beforehand

The use of flowers in form of gifts for birthday celebrations is definitely one of the best sentimental decisions a person can make. Now that you’re planning one, be sure to read until the very end, so you’d be able to plan the entire process right.

Avoid overexpressing or under expressing

Who is the person who receives the flowers? Is it a close female friend who’s already dating? Or is it a potential girlfriend? Is it for a parent or is it for a coworker or your boss? The more questions you ask regarding the person, the more you’d understand how important it is to express yourself in an ideal way. That way, you won’t blow an opportunity, nor overcomplicate things.

Step out of the box in flower types and arrangements

You can always send a bunch of flowers or even a bouquet, but when you do that, you’re losing an opportunity to go the extra mile. Why not consider a box or a can full of red roses, or perhaps a sealed box of everlasting roses, or maybe a bear made out of flowers? When you choose unconventional arrangements like these, it shows that you didn’t stop just because you had to, but you made an effort.

Provide all the relevant details for the delivery location

Most people would plan the entire process perfectly just to end up messing up the delivery part. Given how busy we are doing our jobs, we might not be able to pick them up and deliver them at the perfect time. Instead, what you should do is get them delivered. But when you do, be sure to provide all the possible details for the delivery drivers won’t end up in the wrong location at the right time.

Accompany flowers with a gift

People love receiving roses, regardless of gender. But have they been mentioning something they always wanted to have? A collector’s edition gift perhaps? When you choose to send happy birthday roses, you can accompany a gift like this that would definitely be the cherry on top. After all, the presence of flowers takes away the materialistic sense to it. That way, the receiver won’t think that you were trying to buy them.

Always include personally written notes

You don’t have to be a poet to express yourself; all it needs to have is a compilation of your emotions. To personalize the gift further, you can inquire if the flower containers from the floral shop could engrave their name. But slipping in one note is absolutely essential.

Doesn’t hurt to double-check at all

This goes without saying; while it might be another day for the company, it’s an important day for you – double-checking never hurts.


There’s a reason why there aren’t many successful florists in Australia whose companies are recognized. Thus, be sure to settle down for one of the best service providers and you’d be able to make a remembered impression of the person who celebrates his, her, or their birthday.

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