Perfect Montessori Toys for Toddlers

Montessori toys are toys designed to support a child’s developmental stage and not just created to provide entertainment for your little one. These toys help improve the development of your child’s cognitive skills, motor skills, and even nurture problem solving and analysis skills which are greatly helpful when your child grows older.

If you’re looking for a great addition to your little one’s playroom, Montessori toys are really a must-have. There’s no need to splurge and buy those expensive ones. You could look for lower priced alternatives as long as they work the same.

Here are some of the best Montessori toys perfect for toddlers.

Busy Board

A busy board is one of the perfect toys that would really help get your child busy while learning how to use basic things in real life settings such as zippers, buckles, ties, buttons and many more. Your child will surely take his time in exploring how to use all of those things attached in the busy board without overwhelming him. It also helps improve a child’s focus, memory, patience, independence, and fine motor skills. You could create your own busy board for your little one for more customization.

Stacking Toys

Stacking toys are another perfect Montessori-inspired toy for your little one. There are plenty of type to choose from such as stacking rings, cubes, triangles, rainbow wooden toys, and many more. It helps develop a toddler’s concentration, hand-eye coordination, and manipulating small objects and how to place them properly in space.

Stringing and Lacing Toys

For older toddlers, stringing and lacing toys are perfect to practice their fine motor skills. Aside from that, they could also learn a lot of basic concepts while playing with these toys such as colours, shapes, numbers, and many more. You can use this to teach your child those basic concepts in a more interesting way so they will easily remember it.

Climbing Toys

Some parents may thing that it is too early to give climbing toys to toddlers. However, it actually helps develop their motor skills, muscle coordination, body balance, and spatial planning. As soon as your little one turns one, a climbing toy would be a great gift. Just choose ones that can be adjusted in different levels so you can set the safe height for your little one.


Children love having a small private nook of their own and they would surely love and appreciate a teepee or a tent. Aside from having a personal space where they could relax and have some alone time, they could also use this for imaginative role-playing.

Wooden Puzzles

Puzzles are perfect toys that involves brain-building activity and helps nurture your child’s cognitive skills. Choose simpler puzzles with fewer pieces for younger ones and gradually move on to more complex puzzles as they grow older or when they find simple puzzles not challenging at all.

You don’t need to spend a lot and buy expensive toys for your child. With the right toy types, you can help encourage your little one’s overall development.

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