Knowing Your Scooter: Kick Vs. Electric

Scooters are the new norm of self-transportation amidst the hustle and bustle of today’s city life. As a child, we all had a kick scooter that we’d ride for fun in the parks or around. However, as time progressed it became one of the most exciting and preferred means of modern urban transportation that can help you get around town be it for work or anything else.

You not only find kick scooters, but also electric ones now that seem to be the most growing in the market. Here is all you need to know about kick scooters vs. electric scooters in order make the right choice before purchasing one.

What is an electric scooter?

An electric scooter is powered by battery and works automatically and does not require nor work with manual support. While the scooters tend to look similar, an electric scooter consists of various useful features and electrical components that make it comparatively heavier. With technology advancing in today’s world, the features and structures of an electric scooter tends to change for the better in order to continue keeping it safe and easy to use.

What is a kick scooter?

Compared to the electrical scooter, a kick scooter works manually and is by kicking feet on the ground in order to apply a push force and move forward. It is mostly used amongst children; however, it’s also considered a more fun and easy means of transport amongst adults. It’s light in weight and easy to balance as well as handle with the presence of a deck and handle bars. If you’re looking for some electric and kicks scooter Sydney has some amazing options.

Benefits of electric vs. kick scooters

Eco Friendly – both electric scooters and kick scooters are known to be eco-friendly due to no emission being produced thus protecting the surrounding from environmental pollution. They also don’t use up fuel or any such non-renewable resources.

Commuting – while kick scooter is perfect for short distance commuting, electrical scooter work for both long and short distance commuting, although it’s important to ensure the battery doesn’t run out.

Sense of Work Out – a kick scooter provides you with a sense of work out and physical activity due to the exertion of man power in order to get it moving. Although it’s not the same with electric scooters, they are still known to provide your body with a healthy balance.

Portability – when it comes to portability, the advantage only goes to the electric scooters as many electric scooters can be easily folded and carried along in certain times of need such as taking it into the subway or up and down stairs, etc.

Speed and Safety – electric scooters also have the greatest advantage in terms of speed and safety. This is because with kick scooters the speed as well as safety depends on the manual working rather than an automatic set pace.

Let us know which choice of scooter you prefer using in order to commute through the city in your day-to-day life!

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