How To Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer

Trying out a new hair colour is one of way of self-expression. Aside from expressing your own style freely, coloured hair also looks unique and more stylish especially if it is a lot different from your natural hair colour. Just like other kinds of treatment, coloured hair requires proper maintenance to maintain its beauty.

It is recommended that you pay regular visits to your hair stylist to maintain the colour and beauty of colour treated hair. However, it is not possible at all times especially when you have a busy schedule. If you don’t have much time to visit your hair stylist, you need to take care of your coloured hair by yourself. Here are some simple tips to make your hair colour last longer and stay stunningly beautiful.

Use a Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Before applying shampoo and conditioner to colour treated hair, it is recommended that you use a pre-shampoo treatment. It helps strengthen the hair strands and reducing breakage. Usually, a pre-shampoo treatment is left on the hair for a few minutes before it is rinsed. You can then apply shampoo and conditioner like how you usually do.

Wash Your Hair Lesser

If your hair is freshly coloured, wait for at least 48 hours before washing it to prevent colour from being washed out. The hair cuticle closes a few days after colouring, sealing the colour in so you can wash your hair without fading. It is also best to wash your hair lesser than you usually do. Use dry shampoo instead to make your hair look and smell fresh all day.

Use the Right Shampoo

When washing your hair, be sure to use the right shampoo. Look for a shampoo specially formulated for coloured hair. A colour protecting shampoo helps clean and maintain delicate colour treated hair, making the colours stay longer. Look for ones with extra care features such as UV protection and sulphate-free formula that is gentle on colour treated hair.

Tone Your Hair

If you have blonde or silver coloured hair, it usually turns brassy or warm in tone through time. However, you could easily solve this hair colour problem by using a purple shampoo to tone your hair and bring back the beauty of your blond or silver hair. It works wonders in bringing back the colour of your hair especially if you can’t have an appointment with a hair stylist yet.

Use Styling Tools Lesser

Colour-treated hair is delicate and needs much care to make it look healthy and beautiful. When you have coloured hair, it is recommended to lessen your use of heat-styling tools such as hair iron, curling iron and blower. Heat opens the hair cuticles up, which would cause the hair colour to fade out quickly. If you really need to style with heat, be sure to use a heat protectant product to protect hair strands from heat damage.

When you have colour-treated hair, those simple tips above would totally help a lot in maintaining a beautiful and stunning coloured hair.

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