How to Give Your Fridge A Good Scrub

A refrigerator is often called the work horse of the kitchen. But unfortunately, apart from working constantly throughout the year it also takes a lot of abuse with spills and sometimes with bad odour due to expired food items.

Keeping your fridge clean ensures that the food you put in there is fresh always without unwanted bacteria and unpleasant odours.

Follow this guide to clean your fridge and it will just take an hour of your time.

Step 1: Remove all the Food

Just like spring cleaning where you toss out old the old stuff that isn’t being used anymore you need to do this with your refrigerator as well. I’m sure everyone has some expired items in there like a sauce that expired last year or some vegetables one bad.

Throw out all the old items and the keep the good food in a chilled box so that it remains cold till you are done with the cleaning.

Step 2: Take all the shelves out

All types of fridges have drawers that are removable just so that cleaning them will be easy. They are usually made of glass or plastic and can be washed using hot soapy water in your kitchen sink. Plastic shelves can be washed as soon you take them out, but glass ones should be kept outside for a while till they adjust to room temperatures.

This is done so that no cracks occur due to sudden changes in temperatures.

Step 3: Start from the Interior

Soak a clean rag in a solution of slightly hot water and soap. Use this rag to wipe the sides starting from the top and try to avoid dripping on to the surfaces that have already been wipes.

Some spill stains might need a soft scrubber, or you can leave a damp warm cloth over the stain to make it soft and then simply wipe it away.

It is recommended that you have multiple rags and constantly rinse and drain them before wiping the sides to ensure spotlessness.

Step 4: Dry the Interior and Put the food back in

Using a dry rag wipe the surface again to dry them before putting the shelves and food back in. While putting the food back in make sure to wipe the container and jars with another damp cloth so that there won’t be any sticky marks on the newly cleaned surfaces.

Step 5: Clean the Exterior

Using the same soapy solution and some new pieces of rag, wipe the down the entire fridge. If you want an extra shine use some glass cleaner.

Step 6:  Extras

So apart from the cleaning which has to be done at least once a month there are few other things that need to be done every couple of months to ensure that your refrigerator is running efficiently . This includes checking the drip pan, vacuuming the refrigerator coils and also check the gas.

While most of this can be done by yourself thins like checking the gas level require professionals. It is good if you can find a service provider for your specific brand. For example, a Samsung appliance service provider for Samsung refrigerators or a Whirlpool appliance service provider for refrigerators from Whirlpool.

These are just a few steps to clean out your refrigerator and ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently. A problematic refrigerator can increase electricity costs too so watch out for that.

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