How to Deal with Bed Wetting


Bed wetting is natural among young children since their system aren’t mature yet to control and hold pee in while they sleep. No matter how you pressure or scold a child due to bed wetting, it won’t solve the problem especially when your child’s system isn’t fully ready yet. However, there are some tips you could apply to help your child deal with this issue and also save yourself from stressing out. Read along to learn more.

Use Pull-Ups at Night

If your child is already potty trained yet still wets the bed at night, you could let him wear diapers or pull-ups during bedtime. This helps lessen the sheets you need to wash every day since all the pee is absorbed into the diaper.

You could also help toilet train your kids with Spewy bed wetting mat to absorb the pee and protect the mattress and the sheets. Staying dry through the night takes some time even if your child is already fine during the daytime. Just a bit more patience and you’ll have success soon.

Try a Wakeup Call at Night

If your child sleeps back easily when awaken at night, you could try out this technique. Try waking up your child in the middle of the night, let him pee, and put him back to bed. It helps form an association that he needs to go up and pee at night instead of just wetting the bed. You could also offer the potty several times few hours before he’s going to sleep. It helps lessen accidents at night when the bladder isn’t that full.

Offer an Incentive

For older kids who still wet the bed, you could offer them an incentive since they could understand things a lot better now. Offer a reward when he stays dry throughout the night. It could be anything that he likes such as a walk to the park, playing in the playground, extra bedtime story, and many more.

However, remind him to wake you up when he needs to go pee at night so he won’t hold it in for a long time. If it doesn’t work, you could consult a doctor if your child still wets the bed when he is already 6 years or older. He might be able to offer some effective tips you could try out.

Offer Lesser Drinks at Night

While it helps to offer more drinks at daytime when you’re potty training your child, it would be better to offer just the regular amount at night time. It would be okay at daytime since your child is more aware if he needs to go use the potty.

However, at night when your child is asleep, there is lesser awareness when it comes to pee and sometimes it just goes while he’s sleeping. With lesser fluids at night, your child’s bladder won’t be that full through the night which is a lot easier to hold and control.

With patience and these tips, you can go through this issue a little bit less stressed and also help your child better with his potty-training skills.

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