How to Choose a Temperature Controlled Storage Facility


When you store products in temperature controlled environments, you can keep them fresh for a longer time. The quality of the product can be preserved as well. The duration of storage you require may differ but you need to choose the right facility that will ensure that your temperature sensitive products are stored properly.

For companies that deal in food production or packaging, cold storage is an essential factor. The provider you choose will be in control of the storage, handling and distribution of the products from your facility to the next party in the supply chain. To ensure the quality of the products transported is kept to a high standard, all parties involved should do their part. First of all, you need to think about what your company can do and the limitations that you have. If you don’t have the right storage equipment and vehicles, you will not be able to store the food according to the right standards and the final product that reaches the consumer will not be up to the standard. So you need to identify that your requirement. Storage facilities specialize in handling and shipping products and manufacturing is not a component that they specialize in. You need to partner with the right logistics company that can provide a good service to you.

You need to visit the storage facility and inquire about their capacity for storage. There are different warehouses that are specialized to house different products depending on the temperature requirements. For dry products that require room temperature storage conditions, you can select ambient warehouses. But if you want to keep your produce at a temperature above the freezing point, you will need to look into cold warehousing. Fruits and vegetables are normally stored at this temperature. There is also freezer warehousing that has a higher chilling capacity than most and these facilities are great for those shipping frozen meat, fruits and vegetables. There are warehouses that specialize in all three types of storage solutions and this allows them to be versatile in their services. If you want different temperature conditions for your products, then a warehouse that provides all three types is the best solution.

Make sure to ask about the systems that are used to monitor temperature and inventory. The site security systems should also be considered in case anything goes wrong. You need to make sure that the facility is responsible and provides the best care for their customers. You can ask whether the storage facility is accredited and whether they follow government regulations. They may also belong to an accredited agency which can further boost their credibility. The personnel handling the products should be trained in the standard regulations and be skilled at monitoring the equipment. Make sure that they provide all documentation regarding the staff members’ qualifications and training. A storage facility has to be transparent in how they operate and you can get an idea of their service by looking at their track record. This is something that you can ask for when you are first evaluating storage facilities.

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