Essential Factors to Build a Safe Backyard Playground

Outdoor play is an important part in a child’s learning and development. Children learn a lot of things through play – from basic knowledge to being able to socialize well with others. If you have kids at home, providing them a safe outdoor space where they could enjoy and have fun with their siblings and friends is a perfect way to help boost their learning and keep them active as well.

Whether you have a small or big backyard space, there is definitely a perfect way to add a playground into your backyard. First of all, you need to be sure that it would be a safe place where the kids can have fun and enjoy. Here are the essential factors to take note so you can build a safe backyard playground.


First of all, you need to choose durable and strong materials when building the features of your playground. Metal and wood are the most recommended since these two materials are strong and durable. If you want less maintenance, metal is a good material choice since it doesn’t need to be treated regularly to maintain it.

Aside from that, it doesn’t decay or rot quickly when exposed to outdoor elements. However, if you’re looking for more appeal and beauty, nothing beats the beauty of wood. However, it requires regular maintenance and treating to protect it from getting damaged by pests and elements. No matter which material you prefer, Plum Play definitely has the play set that suits your needs.


Slips and falls are common in a playground no matter how safe or secure your play sets are. To lessen the risk of injury, it is important that the surface of the play area is a little bit soft to absorb the impact of the fall. Sand, pea gravel, mulch, and rubber mat are some of the best surfaces for a play area.

Type of Play Set

When choosing play sets for your playground, it is important to consider the age of the kids who will be playing in it. Look for age-appropriate play sets so your kids could play and enjoy the outdoors in a safe way.


After choosing the right play sets to place in your backyard playground, the next thing to be considered is the installation. It is important that the play sets are assembled and installed in the right way so it is safe for the kids to use. You could install it on your own if you are sure on what to do. However, it is best to leave it to the professionals if you’re really not sure how to install and assemble certain pieces.

Aside from those factors, you also need to inspect the play sets regularly after installation to see if there are any safety hazards and address them immediately. Although accidents can happen at any time, you could lessen its probability of occurring by maintaining the safety of the backyard playground. 

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