Creative Resin Art Projects to Start With


Resin art is a great hobby to start with especially if you’re looking for an outlet for your creativity. Some people are already experts in handling and creating almost anything from resin and they could even experiment in making different projects.

However, for those who haven’t tried this art before, you might find resin a bit intimidating and complex to handle. If you’re still starting out with this hobby, you’ll need to practice your skills first on simple resin art projects, build your confidence, before you start trying out complex ones. If you’re looking for good projects ideas to start with, here are some of the best ones to you could try out.


Coasters are probably the easiest projects to make using resin. All you need is a resin formula, mould, and some decorations to beautify your resin coaster. You could even do this project with beginner’s resin kits you could buy from craft shops. If you don’t have a mould, you could even use a jar lid as an alternative mould for your resin coaster.

Simply layout your decorations on the mould and slowly pour in the resin. When using decorations, choose ones that aren’t taller than the mould for a smooth surface. Be sure to apply a mould release solution into the mould to easily remove the finished product. Or, you could make the jar lids a permanent container for your resin coaster for an added style.

Table Makeover

If you have an old table at home, you could spruce it up with the help of resin art. First, clean the top from any dirt and sand the surface gently to remove old paint. Choose your preferred decorations to put on the tabletop, preferably flat items that could easily be covered by resin. Glue them into your desired spots and slowly pour the resin solution to make an even layer. Cure it and smoothen the edges for best results. Your table is not waterproof and beautiful as well.

Resin Tray

If you’re not yet ready to take on a table makeover project, you could test your resin art skills on a tray first. Choose a tray you want to decorate and put in some decorations on it based on your preferences – dried flowers, seashells, broken tiles, and anything you like. Arrange them on the tray and slowly pour in the resin solution, making sure that all the decorations are covered with resin. Let it cure for a few hours or overnight and you can now enjoy a beautifully designed resin tray.

Resin Inlay

For those who are looking for more challenging resin art project, you could try inlay using resin. You could try this on furniture or any type of wood craft. Using a plunge router, create intricate grooves into the surface. Create your resin solution and add some colorant or other additives you prefer such as glitters. Slowly pour into the grooves, making sure that it doesn’t overflow for a smooth style. You can now enjoy your elegant looking wood craft with resin inlay.

Try out those projects and see how your resin art skills improve with every craft you create.

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