Considerations for Buying Clothes for Dogs

If you are considering dressing your dog in clothing, there are a few factors to think about. Clothing can include footwear and accessories as well. It can be challenging if your dog is not used to clothing of any kind so you need to go slow and be patient. Some of the elements you need to consider when purchasing clothes are sizing, quality of clothing, level of warmth provided and the range of clothing available in the market.

Whether you are planning to buy dog jumpers, jackets, dresses etc. you need to look at the type of fabric used. You need to choose fabrics such as fleece, knit fabrics and cotton for the clothing. The durability of the clothing has to be considered. There will be some wear and tear because of the activity level of the dog. So you need to choose high quality fabric that will withstand activity as well as be comfortable on their skin. If you are living in a region that experiences seasonal changes, you can buy fleece jackets for the winter so that they provide warmth. You need to see how comfortable the dog is when they first wear the clothing. Does it cause any irritation to their skin? If you notice this, you should remove it immediately.

You need to select clothing that fits your dog comfortably. The sizing has to be perfect. When you are browsing the clothing online, there will be a measuring guide included. Make sure you measure your dog and compare it with the online measurements to get a good fit. Larger dog breeds will require larger sizes. If they are too tight it can be uncomfortable and if it is too loose, your pet may step on it and fall. Safety is very important when it comes to choosing clothing. You need to find a store that carries all sizes and has a good online response rate or good customer service in-store so that you can ask them for suggestions on what is best suited for your pet.

The price of the clothing has to be considered as well. You need to look at which clothing to prioritise. There are certain clothes that is essential for your dog such as winter gear and footwear. In addition to this, there will be clothing that are fashionable and works as a statement piece. You can set a different budget for both of these categories so that you can spend a bit more on the essentials and ensure that they are of quality fabric and make. You don’t need to buy everything on your list on one go. You can prioritise which clothing is needed and phase out the spending over a few months. The comfort of the clothes is a big priority. It shouldn’t compromise their movement or put them ill at ease. It should be easy to put on the dog and remove. Also it is best to opt for velcro than zippers so that nothing gets stuck on the fur.

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