Building A Wardrobe? Here Are the Basics

If you are building a wardrobe, your first impulse is to head to the nearest mall. But the thing that you have to do first is to list the essential pieces of clothing that you have to buy. This is necessary so that you would not buy clothes that you would not wear because you are not only wasting money, you are also wasting precious closet space.

Now that you have a list, you could go to your favourite shop or check their online store for a more convenient way of shopping. But if you are still lost on which pieces of clothing you need to buy, the list below would help you with that.


Don’t think that just because they are hidden and no one would see them (unless you let them to) that you could wear any underwear you want, even those that you have been wearing since your younger years. If all pieces of your clothing complement one another, even your underwear, it would help boost your confidence and make you feel good.

Pants and other bottoms would also look better if you are wearing the correct type of underwear. When you buy underwear, don’t forget to include socks. Socks are also part of the essentials so when you do your shopping, buying mens socks online must also be a priority.

Slacks and Jeans

When you buy bottoms, buy something that you could wear casually which is more often than not, jeans and denim. Investing in a good pair of denim would serve you well since denims last a long time even if you always wear it for errands or casual get together and events.

You must also not forget to buy slacks even if you are not dressing for a corporate setting on a day to day basis. Slacks are an important part of any wardrobe because they are often what people wear on formal events. So, if you have a nice pair of slacks and you are suddenly invited to a wedding or a funeral or even called for jury duty, you’d look presentable.

Tees and Collared Shirts

Similar to slacks and jeans, you need to have casual and formal tops. Otherwise what would you pair with your jeans when you are going out with friends and what would you pair with your slacks if you are attending your little brother’s graduation? Purchasing tees and collared shirts in neutral colours would be ideal to build your wardrobe from since these neutral colours are classics and would be easier to partner with any coloured bottoms. Round neck and v neck tees are perfect for casual wear and collared shirts for more formal wear.

Jackets and Coats

Jackets and coats are not just for when you are cold. Coats with slacks and collared shirts would be perfect for any formal occasions while jackets with jeans and tees would make your casual wear more polished.

Purchasing accessories such as hats, gloves, belts are also part of building a basic wardrobe because not only would it make your outfit stand out, it would give your style a unique personality.

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