Are Apple Chips a Healthier Snack Alternative?

We all have those cravings to snack and we always have a bag of chips stashed in our kitchen. But the problem is these snacks are junk food most of the time or unhealthy fried foods. What do we do if we are trying to eat healthier but still gets these pangs of snacking? We turn to a healthier alternative.

People who are mindful of what they eat turn to eating apple chips in lieu of junk foods because they are considered to be healthier. If you are still unconvinced, read below to discover the health benefits of eating apple chips.

Apple chips are rich in fibre

One of the obvious health benefits of eating apple chips is that they are rich in fibre. Once fruits are dried and preserved and all its water content removed, what would be left for you to consume is fibre. This healthy snack is recommended for those who are trying to have a regular bowel movement. Just be mindful though when you are eating them if you are on a diet since it would be easier for you to overeat since you don’t feel full eating them.

Apple chips have no sugar

If you are also minimizing your sugar intake, Australian apple crisps are a healthier way of snacking. They have no added sugar in it and you would still be able to enjoy the sweetness and tartness of the apple as if you are eating the fresh fruit.

Just make sure though that when you are in the market looking to buy for apple chips to choose one that does not have any corn syrup in it or to purchase one that is dried or baked instead of fried for a healthier option. Apples are also considered to be a diabetic friendly fruit since it helps lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Apples’ fibrehelps in slowing down the absorption of sugar into our bloodstream and could even lower our blood sugar level.

Apple chips are rich in antioxidants

Studies have shown that apples, with its antioxidants may lower our risk of certain cancers. With the antioxidants on apples, the growth of cancer cell has been proven to be impeded. When you eat apple chips, you are also and still getting the benefits of consuming these antioxidants.

Apple chips could boost your immune system

Since apples have immunity boosting vitamin C, snacking on apple chips would strengthen your immune system. Eat them when it is flu season or when you feel you are about to be sick. The vitamin C in apple chips strengthen the epithelial, a tissue that acts as our body’s barrier against pathogens that might make us sick. Vitamin C in apples also help protect us from radiation, pollution and other environmental oxidative force.

Since apple chips are crispy, you’d still have that feeling and sensation of snacking and you would not even notice the difference that what you are snacking on isn’t your favourite junk food but your body could tell and would thank you later.

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