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Achieve an Organized Garage with These Tips

A garage is a place at home that has a lot of functions. Aside from being a place where you keep your car, it could also work as a storage room, a workout space, a DIY area, and many more. This is the reason why garages are commonly cluttered and full of so much stuff.

It could be hard to move around especially when most of the garage space is already taken up by your things. The organization is the key to solve this issue. However, how do you achieve an organized garage? Try out these quick tips and see the transformation.

Group and Sort Things

First of all, you need to sort things and group them accordingly. Start by de-cluttering your garage. Take away the things that you won’t be using or needing anymore to free up more space. Then, group your stuff into categories according to similar functions.

For instance, you could have garden tools on one box and carpentry tools on another. If you’re storing them in boxes, don’t forget to label them so it will be easier for you to find stuff that you’re looking for.

Add Shelving

Adding organization solutions such as garage shelving and racks definitely helps a lot in making your garage look more organized. If there is not much floor space, you could use the walls and overhead space for storage to make the most of the garage space.

There are plenty of storage solutions to choose from such as shelves, racks, baskets, bins, or even hooks to hang things on the wall. Installing shelves is an easy DIY project you can do in your free time. Plus, you could buy complete kits that are easy to install.

Organize Small Things

There are plenty of small things you could commonly find in a garage from screws, nuts, bolts, batteries, and many more. If you’re organizing your garage, it is better to keep these small objects in one separate container such as cans, jars, or tins. That way, it will be easy to find them when you need to use one. Also, don’t forget to label them especially when you have plenty of jars or cans on the shelves.

Set a Space for Outerwear

Since the garage is where you usually enter your home when you’re driving your car, it could easily get dirty with the dust and dirt that are carried on the tires and shoes. Be sure to have a doormat where you could wipe your shoes to remove loose dirt before entering the house.

Don’t forget to have a rack where you could store your shoes and some hooks to hang your outerwear. Aside from organizing, maintaining cleanliness also helps in making your garage look tidier and appealing.

The garage is also a part of your home so it is important to take care of it and keep it organized. Even though you won’t likely be entertaining visitors in this space, an organized garage is definitely more convenient to use than a cluttered one.

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