A Newbie’s Guide – 6 Tips to Taking Care of Sneakers

Shoes can make or break an outfit. You might have spent a lot on the sneakers you’ve just bought. It’s only right that you maintain them well. Below, the best tips to do this are discussed. Let’s get to it.

Be Careful from the Start

The key to taking care of your sneakers is being mindful the second they are in your possession. You’d avoid situations that would unnecessarily crease and add dirt to your shoes.

Be sure to add a coat of shoe protector on them too – the coating would act like a waterproof layer.

Stuff Your Shoes

One of the best things you could do is stuff your sneakers with newspapers. A fully stuffed shoe would be perky; you’d prevent toe creases from forming. Toe creases are the biggest culprit in making sneakers look old.

Newspapers are easy to find, so stuffing wouldn’t be difficult. Newspapers are also great for getting rid of moisture that may be trapped inside. If your shoes get wet in the rain, you now know what to do.

Let Shoes Rest

Is there a pair of sneakers you’re a fan of? Although it goes with every outfit, you shouldn’t wear it every day. Constant wear would lead to more tear. At minimum, wear the shoes every other day.

Wearing the same shoes always can make them stink too; sweat from your feet would collect.

KeepOdours at Bay

Taking care of your shoes isn’t just about making sure they don’t crease. You should try and reduce the odours in them as well. You can take preventive measures, like purchasingmoisture wicking socks. They would let sweat evaporate instead of collecting.

Putting deodorant or baby powder on your feet would help deal with excess moisture too.

We mentioned newspapers earlier. What’s great about them is that regularly stuffing shoes with them can also help with any unpleasant smells.

Avoid the Washing Machine

The washing machine is the worst place to clean shoes; the creases you could add are immense. If the sneakers are white, and you made the rookie mistake of adding colouredclothes into the wash, your shoes could get dyed.

Don’t be lazy. Scrub them yourself.

To do the most efficient scrubbing, you’d need sneaker cleaning foam. Know that some options are better at getting rid of stains than others.

Shoe Storage

Where will you be storing the shoes? Just placing them in boxes won’t be a good idea. Make note of how humid and arid the environment is. The creases on your shoes could turn permanent.

Once you’ve found a comfortable spot, you can go the extra mile and place dryer paper over the pairs.

To summarize, there’s a lot that can be to maintain sneakers. This is great as they can be very expensive. Probably the best thing you could do is not wear the same pair all the time – you’d increase wear and tear. When storing shoes, make sure they’re in spots that aren’t humid or arid.

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