4 Reasons to Consider Becoming a Plant Parent

There is something relaxing about gardening or simply being able to look at a plant. Whether you have a sprawling terrace overlooking your window or just a few plants on your balcony there are number of benefits of having and looking at a plant. Lockdowns and staying at home have made us miss being outdoors, the things we once took for granted are now quite away from your reach.

For someone who loved being surrounded by nature, these long periods of being inside can start taking a toll on mental health. Many things are out of control and that can make us feel worse however on the plus side your plants still need your care. Therefore, if you have ever considered having indoor plants here are a few good reasons becoming a plant parent is honestly the best idea.

It gives you something to do

If you are not working from home or even if you are, there will be a time you crave something useful to do. Luckily for you, your plants require your care in order to survive. Taking care of a plant is not even close to the stress of a child or even a pet.

So, it’s the best type of commitment. The need to water them and even put them out for sufficient sunshine helps stimulate your brain. It occupies your time and simply looking at the green foliage gives you a reason to smile.

It helps oxygen flow

If you live in an apartment or even a small space there are time oxygen levels can become low especially is there is no outlet or air conditioner running regularly. Plants provide oxygen and are thereby an ideal option to get some fresh air.

Owning or indoor or outdoor plants help revive air quality and in result help you take in better quality, cleaner air. Oxygen in take not only helps our breathing but also improves our mood and focus. Plants can help revive the air and you by just simply existing, how cool is that?

Helps in decoration

Indoor plants are made to grow smaller than usual; they are easy to maintain as they usually do not require as much sunlight as usual outdoor plants. Since plants play a huge role in relaxation, they are ideal to be used as decorations to uplift and personalize a space. If you are looking for indoor plants in Hawthorn look for a great store that offers a wide array of indoor plants you can purchase.

You can use them in cooking

Plants are cool but what about the herbs and leaves you can use for cooking. There are number or various plants that are commonly used in cooking such as mint, coriander and basil. These are all small plants that can be grown in small pots inside your house. They are not only useful in cooking but providing oxygen and even a pleasant fragrance. The benefits that planting provide are numerous.

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