Complete Your Bridal Outfit with These Essentials

Getting a dress ready for your big day is one of the most exciting and important tasks in wedding planning. However, an outfit is not ready with just your dress. In order to complete your look, you also need to think of other accessories that will complement your wedding dress. Take a look at the following to see the wedding outfit essentials that you need to look out for when shopping.


Let’s start from the top. What kind of headpieces are you planning to wear? Is it a simple tiara or a wedding headband? Or do you want to go the traditional way and add the classic bride veil to your outfit? If you are adding head accessories or jewellery, remember to match them with the rest of your jewellery.

For veils, remember that there are multiple designs you can choose from; from their lengths to the fabric layers, they use. Decide whether you are going for the classic bridal look, or want to have a minimalist look with your headdress. Are you planning to dance and wish for a veil that makes movements easier? Think of all these factors before making your choice.

Be Prepared for the Weather

Unless your wedding is going to be on a hot summer day, you might have to prepare for the cold. Especially if you have an off shoulder, straps or sleeveless necklines, your shoulders will be bare and it may get chilly sometimes. To prepare for this, it is better to have a shawl or a shrug ready with you. To make sure they do not take the attention away from your dress or cover or ruin your wedding look, you can choose a design that compliments your dress.


Always be wise when choosing wedding jewellery. If you are choosing statement pieces, make them minimal. Keeping it simple with the jewellery will help you to put together a classy and minimalist outlook. Statement earrings with a simple necklace or a statement necklace with simple earrings or no earrings always work.

You can ditch the necklace altogether if you are wearing something like a high neck dress. Match your metals with the fabric colour of the dress. Pay attention to additional details on the dress such as beads or stones so you can match the stones on your jewellery with these details.

Bridal Lingerie

This is as important as choosing the right jewellery. Although your undergarments are not going to be visible, they are going to define your look and silhouette. So, if you choose the wrong garments, you will end up with wardrobe malfunctions such as panty lines or visible straps.

Choose supportive undergarments to ensure your body is silhouette and features are well enhanced. Strapless bras for strapless, strapped or sleeveless dresses are essential. Things or thin lined panties will ensure that your undergarments are not visible through the dress.


Choose the shoes to fit the occasion. Your shoes should allow you to dance comfortably and walk around without faltering. Beach wedding or garden weddings that require you to walk through the sands would require a less sharp heel.

So, sandals or wedged heels will be a better option. Consider the length of your dress when choosing the heels too. You don’t want the heels to be too tall because that would make the dress look shorter. It is always better to try your shoes and dress together during the fittings.

Make a list of the outfit essentials you require when you are shopping. Remember to keep it complementary and comfortable with the outfit so you can look glamorous without having to suffer for it!

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