Injuries Related to Working Out and How to Manage


Obesity is a rising problem worldwide and sedentary lifestyle has been implicated as the main cause, working out increases the body strength, improving the health of the heart and lungs and also contributes to good mood and keeping yourself active.

Working out involves different types of activities like weight lifting, swimming, bicycling, Pilates but performing in a wrong move or posture may lead to severe injury which will affect the body and lead to depressed function of the body.

Here are some common workout related injuries.

Low back pain

While working out you should make sure to be in the right form. Knowing what the body can bear is important. For example, knowing about Weightlifting and injury prevention is important if that’s your form of exercise. Knowledge about the particular activity is needed before proceeding with the work out. Main contributing factors to injury are increased intensity of training, frequency and wrong technique.

This is one of the commonest forms of injury, it may be due to injuries around the spine as a result of overusing or bulging of the spinal disc or damage of the disc. Risk of the injuries is the position taken when lifting weights, certain jobs that requires long time of sitting.

People having the low back problem have complains of severe pain that goes on for long time, some are not able to move the muscles around of the leg, in severe cases people complain of bowel and bladder incontinence and also pain that run down the thigh which is a result of irritation of sciatic nerve.

What is the solution

After the injury the inflammation phase starts and lasts for about 5-7 days during this time the patients is warned against doing dead lifts, overhead squats or weighted squat. During the repair phase which takes about a week it is okay to do dead lifts with light weights but don’t engage in Olympic lifts, remodelling starts from 2 months and during this time you can slowly start increasing the weights. And to avoid overall injuries like this again it is very important to take proper form and position.

Shoulder strain

Rotator cuff are the main ones that get injured during a workout this may be because of glenoid labrum or impingement syndrome which results because of lifting excessive weights and wrong posture. Rotator cuff injury may lead to inflammation and swelling. Patients having rotator cuff injury presents with pain when performing certain activities, inability to perform shoulder motions, weakness of the shoulder and problems reaching the back.

Solution to this

Caution should be taken during the inflammatory phase and avoid activities like pressing movements or lateral raises but lateral pulldowns are okay. In the repairing stage pressing motions can be started with light weights and during the remodelling phase be careful not to engage in intense exercise and begin exercise with lateral raise

Knee pain

Overusing of the knee by engaging in exercises like lunges or plyometrics can lead to high stress to the knee leading to pain in the knee. So, during the inflammatory phases exercising like this has to be avoided and during the remodelling phase plyometrics can be started.

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