How to Choose the Best Splash Back for Your Kitchen?


Have your ever been cutting open a fruit or meat and had it splash on the wall behind you? The kitchen walls and counter tops are the few places that get messy no matter what you do. All the cleaning in the world cannot stop a wall or bench top from having stains or marks.

This is where splash backs come into play. Made in a variety of materials a splash back is installed instead of a wall around your kitchen or cooking station for a clean, classy and modern look. Here are ways to choose the best splash back and which materials best suit your kitchen.

The space of your kitchen

Space is a vital factor to consider in terms of any sort of re modelling. Your furnishings and fixtures could either make your kitchen look cramped up and small or spacious. Splash backs are usually lined against the walls surrounding the space so it takes up most of the available space.

Hence why the type of splash back is important. If you use dark coloured stone or stainless steel your kitchen can look smaller. Instead opt for glass, wood or even light-coloured porcelain for an open, spacious look. Check out united splashbacks Melbourne for some ideas on what suits your space.

The budget

Remodelling is not cheap nowadays so it is important to find ways to get the best outcome for the money you spend. The different options for splash backs such as wood or cut stone vary in price.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to find which material fits your budget and is the most practical. While porcelain looks great, a material such as stainless steel might be cheaper to install and maintain.

The long term

Remodelling or redesigning is a long-term investment, it is done so we do not have to bother about it for at least the next 5 to 10 years, hence why the material becomes so important. Regardless of how expensive, high quality and strong a material is, it is prone to wear and tear.

Chipping, stains, discoloration and cracks are some of the things that can take place no matter how careful you are. Therefore, invest in materials that you think you can best deal with. if you are someone who is regularly in the kitchen choosing a splash back that is easy to clean might triumph just hoe aesthetic it looks. It is always a choice so select the option that ticks all your boxes.

Colour schemes

Some of us like a splash of colour and contrast and some of us like the plain, cool tones so your splash back has to match your vibe. Getting contrasting patterns gives your kitchen an edgy vibe and if that is your thing go for it. If not the classy, minimalistic vibe is pretty in too. On average we do spend quite a few hours in a kitchen daily so why not make it the best space in the house.

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