Best Exercises You Could Do at Home

Keeping our body fit is an essential part of staying healthy. While some people go to the gym on a regular basis to workout, there are others who don’t have much time to spare for a gym session especially those who have busy and hectic schedules.

If you’re one of those people, there’s no need to worry because you can still maintain fitness without going to the gym and having only a few minutes to space each day. As long as you spend at least 5 minutes of exercise per day, you are already doing a lot in optimizing your health.

Stay fit and healthy with these exercise regimens you could easily do at home in just a few minutes.


Doing pushups everyday helps strengthen your core muscles especially in the abdomen part. To do this, fall down on a plank position and gradually bend your elbows to lower down your body to the ground. Push again back up once your chest touches the floor. If you find it hard to perform pushups in regular plank position, you could modify the stance instead and do it on your knees.


Performing squats are perfect to keep your lower back and hip muscles fit and flexible. It also helps develop your core strength on the lower body part. Do this by standing straight up with your arms relaxed on the sides and your feet about shoulder-width apart. While maintaining your chin up, slowly go down like you’re sitting down on a chair. Go lower until your thighs look parallel to the ground and bring your arms out in front while on this position. Go back to the starting position after a second or so.

Overhead Dumbbell Press

If you’re a regular busy person, doing compound exercises are perfect for you since it works out several muscle parts all at once. One of the best compounds exercises you could do is an overhead dumbbell press. First, stand up with your feet shoulder-width apart.

You could start with a 10-pound dumbbell if it’s your first time. Grab a dumbbell and move it overhead until your upper arms look parallel to the floor. Then, push your arms up until it is fully above your head. Slowly go back to the starting position after pausing for a second. Check out these variety of dumbbells in stock with different weights perfect for what you need.

Single-leg Deadlift

For people who want to improve their leg balance, single-leg deadlifts are a great way to achieve this. With a dumbbell in one hand, bend your knees slightly as the starting position. Then, kick your leg to the back until it reaches a comfortable height while lowering the dumbbell to the ground. Be sure to kick using the leg that is opposite to the hand holding the dumbbell. Slowly return to starting position after this step.

You don’t need special equipment to maintain a fit body. Just take a few minutes in your busy day to do those basic exercises to achieve a fit and healthy body.

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