Amazing Benefits of Massage Therapy


When it comes to relaxing, there are a few aspects that we all relate to – spa days, a fireplace, in bed until 2 p.m. and, of course, a massage. And while massage is important in helping you relax, it also has more therapeutic effects.

In fact, the term “massage” itself covers a wide variety of different styles of massage, ranging from Swedish massage (the most popular type) to massages with more focused and specific intent, such as deep tissue massage, which is intended to help athletes heal.

Here are some of the main benefits of massage therapy,

Stress Relief

For decades, people are turning to massage therapy as a way to alleviate tension. Indeed, recent studies have reported that massage substantially decreases physiological and physical stress

Clinical findings show that massage therapy improves the development of endorphins (natural substances that produce positive outcomes), serotonin, and dopamine, thus reducing the heart rate, levels of cortisol,  blood pressure, and oxygen intake; factors usually correlated with stress.

Lowers Anxiety

The strong awareness of euphoria after treatment isn’t just in your mind. In fact, a number of recent studies indicate that researchers can actually quantify the effect that massage has on individuals undergoing emotional damage. Likewise, relaxation has also been shown to have a remedial effect on those dealing with intense anxiety.

The 2004 study published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research indicates that breast cancer patients who obtained massage therapy had reduced feelings of anxiety and aggression.

Relieves Muscle Tension

The dynamics of contemporary suburban life have made Americans more nervous than ever—both physically and mentally. As a result, back problems, muscle tightness, and muscle stress are on the rise. Sadly, this is a practice that medical professionals do not see changing. One aspect that could reduce the effect of muscle stiffness, however, is holistic massage.

Techniques like Swedish massage for instance, have an established track record of loosening different muscles and soothing sore joints. Places like Body Motion Physiotherapy specialize in various kinds of massage therapy.

Enhances Overall Sleep Quality

It is difficult to maintain good health without enough sleep. The excellent thing is that studies have reported that massage therapy can substantially reduce the occurrence of sleep disturbance. Moreover, the effect of relaxation techniques on sleep is not limited to any age group.

A 2006 research conducted by The University of Warwick showed that massage helped children aged 6 months or younger to sleep better and to cry less. Testing in adults has shown similar findings to those shown in the University of Miami School of Medicine study.

These findings have also indicated that massage encourages better sleep as it helps to induce serotonin, which helps the body to maintain a state of relaxation.

Better Circulation of Blood

Massage therapy promotes the circulation of the blood by delivering oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to and from our tissues and vital organs. This enhanced blood flow, in turn, contributes to growth, regeneration, and recovery throughout the body.

Research published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in 2014 found that massage increased general blood circulation. An earlier study reported by Japanese researchers in the Medical Science Monitor provided a similar result.

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