How to Throw A Feast for Family Celebrations?

Why don’t you read on and receive some tips on how you could have the perfect family time and celebrate! We will list out ideas that you could pick from and incorporate into your family day.

Picking your venue

Having a family get together at one of the family member’s houses would promise the cosiness and comfort, you also want to be safe so this is the best bet.

You could choose a home that has an outdoor garden so that there are more options and space for the family bunch to hang out.

After you decide on the venue, you can think of the rest whilst you read on.

Deciding on a cuisine 

 You could have a mix of foods or you could choose one cuisine, it’s all up to you and your family!

We suggest you and your loved ones get together and cook, this promises bonding time too.

You could get all your groceries delivered home through pantry home delivery.


Here’s a few homely cooks we can suggest, Indian food is always the best to come for that real home feeling in your tummy. You could also make steak if that’s what you prefer, or a full-on English all day brunch, lastly Italian food also promises you that homely touch. These 4 are our favourite meal choices to cook with the family for the occasion.


After your meals are done and everyone’s tummy is full, the family could get together and play charades or monopoly – these two games are proven for their team work and will promise you family bonding time.

You could also watch an indoor movie; all you need to do is rent out a projector or buy one whichever you prefer and fix it up.

Garden chill

If you have your garden ready, you could set up a few tables and chairs on bean bags, to relax by the garden after sundown- perhaps watch the sunset.

Plug in speakers and have some dance fun with your family, you could also play the games outdoors in the garden if you have the option of the Garden chill.

Bond time

You and the family could prepare notes to exchange during the gathering and have an impromptu speech, this gesture is very sentimental and would be a great touch to start or end the day with.

In this day, it’s important that your loved ones know that they are loved and cared for. Sometimes they need to also hear it in words just for that warm fuzzy feeling!


We kept the best for last, deserts are a must on celebrations. Especially family gatherings, you could have a variety that suits all the generations in the family. The classic cakes for the older generation, puddings and all things gooey in chocolate for the younger and even throw in some cookies if there are kiddies involved.

Note that all these ideas could be taken and made into your own, we hope you do consider all the food options we sent in as it is a must try. Have a lovely time with family and make each one feel loved as they are.

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