How to Equip Your 4×4?

If you’ve just bought a new 4×4 beast, you’ll want to cover it with gadgets and accessories that will secure it at home and at work. We recognize how harsh the work site can be, cement particles solidifying on cars, dirty tracks, pipes and wood scratching your tray, the list continues.

Not that you’re getting a break at home either; kids are spilling their ice creams, lollies concealed between the benches, and dirty floor mats. This temptation to pimp out your new vehicle is a dangerous path that can result in hundreds of dollars spending on unwanted equipment and improvements.

From ute tray liners, storage systems, steel trays and must-have enhancements, we’ve built a list to secure your new prized possession in both fields of battle.

Keep your tub with a strong liner

It’s probable that your ute tray will take a pounding and will most likely be damaged, scratched and dented as you carry around gears and equipment, not to include motor bikes, skateboards and much more. Having left your tray unprotected will contribute to corrosion and rust, which will reduce the value of your car.

This is where the ute tub liner has become a must-have enhancement. There are 2 different styles of liners to choose between:

  • Spray-on liners: such as SPEEDLINER are an incredibly durable lining that guards your tub or tray from unavoidable damage, is waterproof does not vibrate or rub, is UV resistant, comes in a broad range of colours and has a lifetime guarantee. If you own expensive 4×4 like a Hilux tub liner you need to keep it in good condition.
  • Plastic liners: are susceptible to tearing, cracking and scratching underneath the paint with shaking and friction caused by movement. However, if you are searching for a cheaper option, standard liners and rubber mats will still provide a degree of security, but they will need to be preserved or replaced on a regular basis.

Better tires are compulsory

Standard tires are built to do fairly standard things in life.

However, if your work routine includes driving from site to site, or you intend to tackle some of WA’s pretty hectic 4WD off-road trails on weekends, getting the right tires are important. Most tire retailers will suggest Light Truck Tires, which is perfect for off-road performance and strength, as well as for moving big loads around the work site.

They are rugged, strong, long-lasting and provide superior traction, making it the ideal tire for any scenario, play or work.

Cover using a canopy

Canopies provide a whole other level of security and safety for your work vehicle and are usually the most common option for touring. Available in steel, composite or soft covers, canopies offer weather security and an on-site storage device for your equipment and other products while traveling to remote locations.

Smarter storage space

Nowadays, most commercial trucks come fitted with sufficient storage capacity and storage boxes. However, if you’re searching for more, you may want to suggest a collection of universal-fit or custom-fit Decked drawers that can be ordered from your hardware store or your closest 4×4 accessories retailer.

They come with a broad variety of materials that can be used for a wide range of applications, like top shelf space, outback drawers, single and removable boxes and roller-element rolling drawers.

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