What to Look for in a Short-Term Rental Insurance Policy?

If you own vacation rental properties, you already know how unfortunate it would be if there are damages or lost items after your tenants leave. Aside from irresponsible tenants, there are still plenty of bad things that could possibly happen such as stolen goods and damaged property or furnishings. Whether these things are expensive or not, replacing and fixing them would definitely cost something.

You simply can’t hold your tenants responsible for all these issues and it would be costly if you keep on replacing or fixing damages after every tenant ends their lease. To keep you safe and protected from these unnecessary costs, you’ll need to get a short term rental insurance policy for your vacation home.

This insurance policy covers almost everything in your rental property, keeping you safe from unexpected expenses in bringing back your vacation home to its original state. Here are some of the questions you should ask when looking for a short-term insurance.


Getting a short-term insurance is the best investment you could make for your rental property. It is relatively cheaper compared to homeowner’s insurance or any other policy type. However, it is typically designed to meet the needs of rental property owners. Instead of spending over and over for repairs and replacements, you’ll be more financially secure when you have your rental property insured.


This insurance policy covers damages to furnishings or lost items caused by tenants, accidents, or even natural disasters. You won’t be paying the full cost of getting your rental property back to its normal state. Aside from that, it also covers legal and medical costs if your tenants or their visitors get injured in your property due to some structural issues. You’ll have more peace of mind when your property is secured by an insurance than nothing at all.

Insurance Provider

There are plenty of insurance providers out there and you need to choose one that you trust the most. First of all, see if the company is experienced in this kind of insurance. Be sure that they are stable enough to be able to provide coverage in a claim.

Aside from the basic coverage, you might also want to inquire on the additional coverage they offer and how much more it costs. Check their customer reviews and ratings to get an idea on how they do business with their clients.

Consult a Professional

There are so many insurance companies and policy types out there that it could get confusing which one to buy for your rental property. To be sure that you’re getting the right one, consult a professional or an experienced agent. You’ll get to know the latest information and trends regarding short-term rentals and find the right one that suits the type of rental property you have. Before opening your property to tenants, be sure to get it insured first.

Getting an insurance can be complicated to think about at first but once you get to know the basics, you’ll surely find the right one that suits your needs.

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