Things to Know About Bread


We always have bread for breakfast, brunch, and even snacks. The quick ready-made meal can go well with literally anything. You can have bread with jam and butter, the sweet meal, or have it with cheese and scrambled eggs, the savory dish.

Toast it or bake it; the taste just keeps getting better. Furthermore, you can also get innovative even by making a dessert out of bread. Also, you can save the bread crumbs to add a rich taste to the soup. Whether you want to have it plain or with a side curry, you decide the flavour of the bread. 

By reading this, you have understood how bread blends well with anything, just like, how water goes with everything.

So, which one have you had the most; white bread or brown bread? Well, we only know these common bread types that we have on a usual basis. However, there are people who usually give up on eating bread. Either they are on a diet, or they have high blood sugar.

But, did you know? There are various other types of loaves of bread, tasting different from one another, and each has its own health benefits. Bread is a food rich in vitamins; that provide energy. Let’s look into the various type of bread available.

What are the different types of bread?

Banana bread:

Zucchini bread and banana bread are both falling into the same category. They are soft, dense, and moist- usually served as a sweet treat. These bread types are mostly known as a quick bread treat. Moreover, this bread also has its own national holiday on the 23rd of February; it is known as the National Banana Bread Day.

Whole Wheat:

When it comes to the healthy choice, wheat bread is the best option for your body. The bread is made from whole grains and barns, which are rich in fibre. It also has more vitamins and protein than regular bread. Furthermore, the bread has more aromas and a flavourful taste.


Coming from Egypt, this loaf of bread is processed through a long period of fermentation using yeast and naturally occurring lactobacilli. Hence, this results in lactic acid, which gives a typical signature sour taste to the food. The sourdough’s health benefits are plenty.

A few of them include improving digestion, controls blood sugar levels, and provides a lot of nutrition for the body. By far, this bread type is the healthiest option for all in comparison to other bread. Besides being a healthy option, the sourdough bread does taste better, and it is more satisfying.

Pita Bread

Pita sounds a lot belonging to the tacos, tortillas, and naan family. The pita is a soft and flat, round bread that has to be cooked at high temperatures. Hence, the dough puffs up, forming a pocket that can be used to do fillings.


Italian famous, these sticks are a must appetizer. These are breadsticks that can either be served as a savory or a sweet.  Some use it as a starter, soft and warm, topped with garlic sauce and melted cheese. Mouth-watering, isn’t it? However, in other restaurants, it gets served as a dessert with ice creams.

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