An Introduction to The Different Types of Jewellery


Jewellery is a lady’s best friend; it does not matter whether she prefers to wear a diamond necklace or a simple pair of studs it is something all women enjoy wearing. The different styles and designs of jewellery make it one of the most desired accessories that can be paired with different outfits and in a hundred different ways.

Jewellery can vary from a ring that costs thousands of dollars to a handmade necklace that was made from recycled items, its diversity, purpose and elegance is what makes jewellery so special. However, there are many types of jewellery we’ve seen but probably don’t know its characteristics, history or value, therefore here is a basic guide to the different types of jewellery available.

Antique Jewellery

We’ve heard the term antique jewellery before but do we know what exactly it means? Similarly, to this, the term vintage jewellery is also used to describe old jewellery but there is a clear difference. Antique jewellery is classified as anything more than a hundred years old; this is normally handed down over generations and are family heirlooms.

This is usually way too valuable to wear everyday as it is made of pure gold or silver with an array of precious stones. Vintage jewellery is classified as anything over fifty years; while it is still precious it is usually worn for its aesthetics. Also, as a fashion statement by those who have access to them.

Handmade Jewellery

This type of jewellery is extremely vast and includes many types. Handmade includes gem studded jewellery, wire or copper or string jewellery. The options for this category are vast and cannot be limited to only a few mentions. There are many small businesses that manufacture handmade jewellery in different states. So be sure to check out the Texas made jewelry if you are keen on buying handmade pieces.

Fashion Jewellery

This category is once again saturated with options. However, the difference it has with the others is the availability and price. Unlike antique or handmade pieces, fashion jewellery is mass manufactured and common, it is also much more affordable as it is catered for everyday wear and people.

They are usually made out of stainless steel or materials that are easily found. The durability of it is unknown and can sometimes be prone to staining or corrosion. This also includes plating meaning the gold or silver is just a covering and thereby not as valuable as authentic precious metals.

Traditional Jewellery

Traditional pieces are anything that belongs to a certain country, ethnicity, race or religion. It usually is made out of valuable materials and is designed with patterns or engravings of something belonging to its origin. Indian traditional jewellery is a common example to show the differences in the style and design.

It includes precious metals and stones and is intricately designed showcasing something of value and authenticity. Traditional jewellery is extremely valuable and expensive, and is not owned by everyone.

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