Few effective guidelines to start running

Running is a healthy lifestyle choice. Many people start running as a way of keeping themselves healthy and fit. We all want to stay healthy during our lifetime. Unfortunately, many of us lead lifestyles that are very routine-based, and inactive. As a result we have got so used limiting our lives, to waking up, going to work, and coming back home. This can be so unhealthy on the longer run. We need to make ourselves more active. Staying physically active has many benefits. You are then less prone to sickness, and you feel stronger, there is better mobility in your joints and so on. To reap all these benefits it’s important that you do some physical exercises daily.

Running is a great physical exercise as it involves every member of your body. If you are new to this habit, and you need some guidelines here are few for any starter, who is beginning to start the habit of running. First of all, you need to find the right running shoes. Not finding the right shoes can cost you more than you think. As you will be prone to injuries and feet swelling if you do not run in the right shoes. Take into mind the needs of your feet when choosing shoes, many of us need special shoes for special conditions in our feet. If you are one who suffers from bunion pains, there are shoes for bunions that are specially made, so that you don’t have to feel pain while running. So it is important that you find the right shoes for your feet before you start running.

Next you need to know how to stay motivated. Many people start running, but after a week or so, they lose interest and feel lazy to get up early in order to run. You can keep yourself motivated by doing this act regularly. There are many mobile apps that will help running easier. You can download such an app, where you will be able to record how many miles you have run and the amount of calories you have burned etc. By knowing the figures well, it keeps you motivated to keep running. You can also create a beautiful playlist that you can listen to while running. This will make the running more interesting. Another way to add more spice to this act is to have an accountability partner. It is so much better to run with another person than to run alone. Hence you can also keep each other motivated and in check that you both do this regularly.

It is important to also have a reward system, as many psychologists believe, when you want to start a new habit in your life, you should do it consecutively for days and also have a reward system. You can reward yourself with something you like after seven days of consecutive running. This can make it so much more interesting as you will look forward to the reward and as a result you will consecutively run making it a habit easily.

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