Experiencing the Wine Scene in Sydney

Wine growing involves the cultivation, harvesting and a range of other events that occur in a vineyard. The main region in Australia responsible for the development of the wine industry in Australia is Hunter Valley, a region north of Sydney in New South Wales. During the early stages, the Wonnarua tribe used a trading route through Coquun to the harbor now known as Sydney Harbor.

Due to the close proximity of Hunter Valley to the city, it has been hailed by many wine critics and writer as a success of proximity over suitability. The closeness to the city ensured a steadily growing demand for the best wines produced in Australia. It was only helped by the booming night life and wide array of restaurants that were sprouting throughout the city.

Where and What?

There are many options when considering to explore the area, either you could get a glimpse of the amazing valley or dive in and gain a full experience of the by taking a day tour. If you’ve got the time, a 3-day holiday experience in The Grand Circuit is the way to go. You will be provided with a 2-night accommodation along with transport to and from your destinations, tours in comfortable vehicles, joined by an experienced guide, a tour to the Blue Mountains, tour of Hunter Valley and a tour of Port Stephens.

If you are a wine connoisseur, you will probably be looking for an educational tour of the valley along with an opportunity to purchase enough wines to suit your fancy. There are tours available that will include traveling in a luxury vehicle to boutique wine stores, wine-tasting along with dining at some of the best restaurants in town. So, you can just sit back, enjoy the wines and relax while your purchased wines will be safely stored using packaging supplies Sydney. Hunter Valley is a wine drinker’s paradise.

The wine and cheese pairing are a match made in heaven and this is encompassed in a 2-day tour of the area. On your first day you could explore the amazing wine growing area. Take a trip back to the good old days wandering through the Wollombi 1850’s village, the Hawkesbury River and spot kangaroos in the Ku-Ring-Gai national park. You can have a romantic lunch amid the old vineyards such as Dratons and Brokenwood. Don’t forget to grab a bottle of wine and head out in to the vineyards and savour the mid-afternoon experience. And on your second day, you can head down to Port Stephens to enjoy dolphin watching.

A fact to keep in mind along your trip – to ensure wine will age well, store it at 55F. If it is stored at 70F, the wine will age quicker.  But aging the wine faster will cause it to fall apart, not allowing the disintegration to properly ferment. So, make sure to properly store your wines upon purchasing. And package it carefully to avoid any accidents.

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