Must Have Stationary to Carry with You

You may know how hard it is to limit buying stationary especially if you happen to be a stationary freak because it will never happen. Stationary is essential to everyone’s day-to-day life. All of us use some kind of a stationary every day. Among thousands of fancy stationary types there are some main types that we need. So here are some tips on how to differentiate must have stationary from the fancy and sparkly ones that we are always tempted to buy.


Pens is a must have wherever you go. If you are a businessman it is essential to have a pen with you. Whether it is a business meeting, conference, presentation or whatever the occasion is you need to have a pen with you just in case you have to note down important things so that you don’t forget later. Apart from that it is better if you can choose a pen that suits you. You can also carry several pens if you prefer using different pens based on the situation. For an example, you can use a normal gel pen to jot down somethings and use an ink pen where your signature is needed.


Notebooks have many forms. You might get confused when choosing the right notebook for your purpose. However, you always have to carry a small notebook along with a pen. You can use a regular notebook to write down stuff, a journal to record important information, or a notebook with a day planer to ensure you don’t miss any of the work you are supposed to do in a day. If you are looking for customized notebooks NZ has many different stores across the country that would print notebooks according to your requirements. A notebook in your bag will always come in handy, so don’t forget to take one with you.

Writing Pads

These are every easy to carry and can be used quickly to jot down things like phone numbers, names, etc. so always keep a notepad right beside your telephone to make sure you write down everything essential from a phone call.


Pencils are not supposed to be used only by kids. Pencils don’t need ink. They will become handy when your pen fails. Make sure you carry a sharpener and an eraser along with your pencil.


Envelopes are not only for posting letters and documents. Those can also be used to store important essential documents so that you don’t misplace any. Also, you can use envelopes to send invitations, business cards and cheques of your company.

Staplers and Paper Clips

These might seem not very important but you might know if you have ever faced a situation where you couldn’t find anything to attach several papers. So, make sure you always have a stapler or paperclips or both in your bag.

Apart from the above types, you can also carry markers, white papers, glue, tape and stamps if you think you will need them. These are just the common types of stationary that you can carry. However, it’s you who have to decide what kind of stationary you need because everyone’s purposes can be different.

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