Ways to Protect your Dog while Travelling in a Vehicle

Having a dog at home is similar to having another member of your family. Dogs are great companions that one could build a lifelong bond with. You will always want your dog with you even when you are traveling. Therefore, you will have to conduct extra research and adapt to things when needed when you are traveling with your dog. Even though it seems like you can take your dog everywhere you go, it is essential that you remember certain things when you are taking a dog in a vehicle. Following are some of the ways to protect your dog while travelling in a vehicle.


You might have seen dogs in NSW cars while driving around town and thought this seems easy. However, in order to make sure that your dog is comfortable, you need to start training by taking small journeys around town or down the road.

Your dog will get used to a foreign environment this way and will understand what is going on when you practice. However, make sure that you do not let your dog stay in your vehicle alone for a long period of time especially on a hot day as they need adequate oxygen and ventilation. Therefore, know what you are doing when you take your dog on a ride.


You need to remember not to feed your dog right before or during your journey as they might be prone to motion sicknesses just like any other human being. Further, in order to avoid other messy situations, you need to make sure that you feed the dog at least three hours before the journey. This way, you will be able to ensure that the dog is protected and does not fall sick while traveling.

Traveling Kit

Similar to how you pack when traveling with a kid, you need to make sure you pack adequately when you travel with a dog as well. In your traveling kit for your dog, you can include things like a harness, scoop to collect waste, plastic bags, water bowl and medications if required. This way you have all the essential items on you while travelling and will not need to make detours looking for items that you forgot to bring.

Preparing the car

You can have seat covers over the seats to protect it from your dog’s paws, drool and nails. Buying a seat cover will save you money from redoing the covers for the seats. You can even get a back-seat barrier and a harness to ensure the maximum comfort and safety of the dog.

If you are afraid of your dog jumping out, you can get a zipline harness or fit the leash on to the seat belt to hold the dog in place inside the vehicle. Therefore, the preparation of the car is essential to ensure the safety of your dog.

There are many things that you need to do when it comes to ensuring the safety of your dog especially while driving. The above are somethings you can do to ensure the safety of your dog while they are in a vehicle.

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