Finding the Right High-Level Coach for Your Organization


Once you as an executive have decided that it is time for you to further improve to help your organization reach its goals, one of the thoughts that will cross your mind on how to do this is to hire a high-level coach. Executive coaching is now normalized because managers and other high-ranking business professionals acknowledged that they also need help from time to time. This does not necessarily mean they are not able to do their job and responsibilities. It just means they acknowledge that they could even be better.

The next step now would have to be finding the right high-level coach who could push you to be the executive your organization needs.

What Makes Them A High-Level Coach?

First and foremost, there is no educational degree for someone who wants to be a high-level coach, although there are numerous certifications and membership to organizations to become a certified coach and universities have started offering courses for high-level coaching. When you hire a coach, ask them for any credentials or qualifications that make them a high-level coach. Fortunately, when it comes to qualified executive coaching Sydney has many experienced and respected coaching firms.

What Are the Coaching Tools They Use?

Similar to any educator or mentor, high-level coaches also use various tools to help their clients learn what knowledge they are trying to impart. If the coach you are talking to does not use any coaching tools and is just making things up as you go, that is a red flag.

It’s either they are not qualified or they don’t care since they did not even try and improve how they deal and help their client. Some of the normal tools’ coaches use includes questionnaires, assessment instruments, exercises and activities, progress scales, reflective journaling, etc. Of course, this list is not extensive but you get the idea of how you could gauge if a high-level coach is good or not based on the tools they use.

Are They Willing to Do A Trial Run?

Fixing what needs to be fixed or improving what could be better could not be done with a single session. It would take time and commitment and since high-level coaching sessions are still costly, you would want to see if the coach is a perfect fit. There is no harm in requesting if they are willing to do a trial run since most coaches are open to the premise and if they really are professional and cooperative, they would want their clients to feel at ease.

Of course, you should not just dismiss them if you notice or felt something that does not agree with you. Talk to the coach and let them know. They are your ally and they would not want to stress you or add to your already full plate.

One of the things you could do to see if the sessions are working or if the coach is what you truly need is to have a scale on how you could both measure if there is an improvement, even if it is not that significant after every meeting.

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