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Earth vs. the Flying Saucers - 1956.
Director: Fred F. Sears.
Cast: Hugh Marlowe (Dr Russell Marvin), Joan Taylor (Carol Marvin), Donald Curtis (Major Hughlin), Morris Ankrum (General John Handley)

Plot: Scientist Russell Marvin and his newlywed wife Joan are driving through a military test area when they are buzzed by a flying saucer. The next day saucers appear during a rocket launch and destroy the rocket and entire launch complex. All weaponry is brought to bear against the saucers but makes no dent in their forcefields. As the power inside the decimated control center fades, the speed Marvin is playing his tape recorder back at slows and he finds a message left by the saucer, asking him to contact the aliens on a certain radio frequency. Against military orders, he contacts them and is taken aboard their saucer. There the aliens tell him that their own world has been depleted of resources and they now want the Earth. They give humanity 72 days to surrender. Returning, Marvin labours to build a ray projector that will negate the magnetic fields that protect the saucers and allow them to be destroyed with ultrasonic sound.

Rated B . 83 minutes.

AU $14.95 1 - Disc