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Aurora Encounter - 1985.
Director: Jim McCollough.
Cast: Carol Bagdarsarian (Alain Peebles), Jack Elam (Charlie Hawkins), Mindy Smith (Sue Beth McKeska), Mickey Hays (Spaceman), Peter Brown (Sheriff Temple), Will Mitchell (Ranger Peter Sheridan), Dottie West (Irene)

Plot: The small town of Aurora, Texas, in the 19th century. A number of locals are scared by sightings of a UFO. One woman shoots at the pint-sized inhabitant after it peeps at her undressing, while it joins old-timer Charlie Hawkins playing checkers. Three children fall down into an old Indian burial ground but are able to use a crystal left by the alien to levitate themselves free. Schoolteacher Alain Peebles, editor of the town newspaper, prints a story on the alien but this attracts the attention of the state governor who sends a Texas Ranger to investigate.

Rated (PG) 90 minutes.

US $17.99 1 Disc