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The Andromeda Strain - 1971.
Director: Robert Wise.
Cast: James Olson (Dr Mark Hall), Arthur Hill (Dr Jeremy Stone), Kate Reid (Dr Ruth Leavitt), David Wayne (Dr Charles Dutton), Paula Kelly (Karen Anson), Ramon Biere (Major Arthur Manchek)

Plot: The US military track the returned Scoop 7 satellite which has come down in the small town of Piedmont, New Mexico, only to find that it has returned with an extra-terrestrial virus that has wiped out the town’s entire population, with the exception of the town drunk and a baby. A group of doctors and scientists are hurriedly assembled at a top secret containment facility in the Nevada desert that is safeguarded against infection to the maximum degree where they must work around the clock find a way to contain the menace before it spreads.

Rated (G) 72 minutes.

US $10.99 1 Disc