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Ancient Archeology
By Kathleen Andersen:

Kathleen is a free lance writer living in Seattle, Washington. She spent 2 years at the ABC Television Network in Hollywood, California. In 1998 she penned a compilation of stories entitled, “The Myth and Mystery of the Pacific Northwest”. She currently writes for “Beyond” Magazine and has also appeared in a series of columns for Quest Magazine in England. In this program she gives a lecture on The Myth and Mystery of Planet X, When did it begin, What do we know now, What does the future hold? The first part is about how the Sumerian culture suddenly sprang up out of nowhere in Mesopotamia, how we learned from them the tale of the flood, Gods who lived in the sky, a far advanced knowledge of cosmology, the wisdom they brought us through the cuniform cylinders, The beginnings of the Bible, What we now know, Recent studies by universities, How do the basics of a variety of religions tie into these stories, What to expect, Opinions and research from top astronomers, linguistic experts and archeologists.

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